water damage

Disasters strike unannounced and homeowners consider water damage as one of their biggest problems.

Water damage is a loss that occurs when water intrudes, leading to the destruction of the material system in your home or place of work. It causes destructive processes such as mold growth, wood rot, bacteria growth, steel rusting, composite wood swelling, and material delamination.

You may salvage the water damage nightmare by combining actions that are preventive of water damage or those intended for damage restoration.

If you are conversant with restoration services or know how to prevent and stop water damage, you will save your property and avoid future problems.

Panama City, FL

Your Insurance company may come in handy if a disaster strikes while you are in Panama City, FL. All you need is to lay a water or fire restoration claim from your insurance firm as soon as possible for them to swing into action.

Types Of Water Damage In Panama City

Category 1

Category 1 water damage refers to situations when the water source is clean. So, water comes from a clean and sanitary source that poses no threat to human lives. However, water may end up contaminated as it mixes with soil, building assemblies, and floor coverings.

Examples Of Category 1 Water Damage
  • Burst water pipes
  • Broken water lines
  • Bathtubs overflow
  • Sink overflow
  • Falling rainwater

Category 2

Category 2 water damage refers to significantly contaminated water. Also, when water contains a high level of chemical, biological, or physical contaminants, that may pose severe health risks and discomforts when exposed to it.

Examples Of Category 2 Water Damage
  • Washing Machines Water Flows
  • Flush from sink drains
  • Toilet overflow with urine
  • Dish Water

Category 3

Grossly contaminated water that contains harmful pathogenic and toxigenic agents falls in this category of water damage. These disease-causing organisms or toxins may cause severe illness leading to death if consumed by humans.

Examples of Category 3 Water Damage
  • Toilet overflow with feces
  • Sewage
  • Rising floodwater from rivers and streams
  • Ground surface water flowing into homes

A Step By Step Process Of Water Damage Restoration Service In Panama City

As a resident of Panama City, FL, you need to know the steps to take for a successful water damage repair.

Preliminary Check

The first step in the water damage restoration process is to conduct a preliminary inspection. Understanding the root cause of water damage to your home or office is vital.

The restoration process for water damage may only begin after an initial thorough inspection that will provide clues in the future on how to respond to the challenge.

At this stage, you may opt to involve professionals such as the IICRC. Getting an IICRC certified inspector may prove to be an excellent start.

Water Extraction And Containment

The second sensible step is to ensure that you contain or stop the water damage to avoid more problems. Additionally, terming the source of water may be all you need to achieve this goal.

After containment of the water flow, the restoration company will help you with the water extraction by drying and dehumidifying your environment. Therefore, preventing further water damage.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Containment and water extraction will be a step followed closely by the cleaning and disinfection process. Thus, the restoration company will clean and disinfect the affected areas. It ensures molds, mildew, bacteria development that may pose severe health challenges to humans.

Preventive Measures

The restoration company commits to remain at the site until all underlying water damage restoration issues are entirely solved.

It may be in the best marketing interest of the restoration company to ensure mold removal and mold remediation remain perfectly executed to prevent a recurrence.

What Should You Do In An Emergency Water Damage Situation?

If you and your family find yourselves in an emergency water damage situation, you need to focus on your safety before expecting anyone to help you.

Call the 24 7 emergency number and seek help from a water damage emergency team who will promptly respond to your distress call.

The first step will be to weigh if staying at home is safe, or whether you and your family need evacuation services. Stay home if it is safe but quickly figure out how you may leave the site if staying seems dangerous.

If you opt to stay, always switch off the main electricity meter to avoid plunging your family into severe electrical hazards.

As you ponder how to salvage some of your properties, always remember that your safety comes first, and carrying wet belongings is not recommendable due to their increased weight.

Also, you may need to appreciate that water flow causes the environment and floor to be slippery, and therefore you need to be more vigilant.

Overall, you may need to be very careful, alert, and structured in your approach to mitigate water damage.

What Do You Do After The Water Damage Has Subsided?

When flood damage or any water damage subsides, you need to take essential precautionary measures to ensure your remediation and mitigation of the situation goes smoothly.

To get it right, consider removing excess water caused by storm damage by mopping or botting the house. Also, remove and prop all the wet cushions and upholstery and take them to a dry place.

You need to protect your furniture by placing wood blocks or metal blocks between your furniture legs and the wet carpets. Plus, protect your artwork by removing them from the damp place to a dry site.

Stay safe from sagging ceilings that may fall anytime. Additionally, shut off all broken panels. And remember to turn off water lines.

What Should You Avoid After Water Damage?

To get your home and office safe after flooding or water damage, you need to avoid doing things that are against proper water damage restoration.

Avoid leaving wet fabrics on wet carpets and floors, it is better to collect and hang leather items and furs off wet surfaces.

Also, avoid using a household vacuum to remove water from the floor. Never switch on or use your television or any other electrical device and house appliances.

If the ceiling remains wet, avoid turning on ceiling fixtures as they may readily fall off.

Can You Stay In Your House During Water Restoration?

Water restoration endeavor remains a risky proposition, and most reputable water damage restoration companies acknowledge it by working closely with homeowners and occupants.

Occupants need to know whether it is safe to remain inside the house or seek an alternative living place until the process of water damage restoration ends is a great idea.

The decision depends on the category of the damage.

How Long Does The Water Damage Restoration Process Take?

The water damage restoration process may take 72 hours or as long as two weeks to complete under normal circumstances. However, professional companies admit they may take a slightly more extended period depending on individual circumstances.

Restoration work is difficult if you do what you should have avoided.

How Affordable is The Water Damage Restoration service?

Professional water damage restoration companies offer their emergency services in Panama City, PL, around the clock to take care of your restoration needs every day of the year. They do it at an affordable range of prices according to individual situations.

Are There Insurance Firms That Covers For Water Damage Restoration?

Numerous insurance companies exist that offer coverage for unexpected water damage, and you may need to shop on one to avoid using pocket cash if a disaster strikes.

In the event where you experience water damage, you need to contact your home insurance company agent. Notably, the agent will walk you through the best practices such as how to get the appropriate pictures for evidence purposes.

It will suffice for them to pay your bills directly to the restoration company.

Final Thoughts

Water damage tends to strike when least expected, and you need to be prepared for this eventuality. This article provides sufficient information on the water restoration company in Panama City, FL, and surrounding areas. The guide will help you prepare well and act orderly if you experience water damage in your house.

However, you need to act fast and ensure that you register in an insurance firm that will come in handy in case of a disaster.

Contact us at No Fuss Solutions so that we provide you with adequate information on water damage restoration. Contact us now and as we say, let us bring your property back to life after a disaster.

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